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Naslov: Sastav - Love
Poruka od: Baskervil Jun 23, 2013, 07:31:46 posle podne

Love is a special thing. People all around the world can love. If you cant love then there is just hate. It couldn’t be fair for people to love. If you are not attractive there is still some one that can love you. Love is a from of liking someone but higher. It is when someone really likes a person and become lovers. This can be single love or two way love.
When two people are in love, is that which is declared by both sides, either openly or in private, but directly to each other, as in Romeo and Juliet. This theme is often referred to as True Love. Now some people say that True Love should include Faded Love or love that has died. I say this is not so. The real True Love may not be lost, can never fade, and never dies, no matter what the situation.

What I'M going to do, you can't be any part of. It causes everlasting agony in the heart and soul of one who suffers it. The sadness of this condition is unspeakable. To me, the most famous example is in the movie "Casablanca", when Elsa promises to meet Rick at the station to catch the last train from Paris before the German Army arrives She never comes, and Rick is left "with his guts torn out", as he later tells Elsa in Casablanca. Since it may never be written across the sky, or painted for all to see on a signboard, it is concentrated inside the one who loves. But that same reason makes it the most excruciatingly painful of loves to endure. I would further divide Unrequited Love into two categories: Declared and Undeclared. 'Declared' meaning love which is stated directly and 'Undeclared' being that Love which is never spoken aloud.

Forbidden Love is never spoken aloud, never openly admitted to, only referred to obliquely in the most imaginary and hypothetical terms. But wait! The reflection of that joy increases the pain which increases the joy which increases the pain. The classic case of Declared Unrequited Love is when a man tells a woman that he loves her, but she scorns him, spurns him, ridicules him, or turns him away. The only way to ease the suffering of one who cannot declare his love is for him to think on the joy of that love. ) True Love provided him a reason to return to life. It is sweeter than other kinds of love for that very reason. Since it may not be declared, there is never any possibility of it being returned.