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Love makes the world go round
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Love makes the world go round

Love is everywhere around us, love is everywhere in us. Love is a gentle look, a
twinkle in the eye and a soft voice. That is the feeling when you belong to another person
Love is changeable, lively and wild. It breaks the rocks, moves the mountains and
makes illusions. It hits everyone and rules the world.
The queen of our heart builds the bridges and houses, constructs the machines.
Without her we would be empty, lonely and miserable. That’s the love that changes the
world and gives the power to life. Every day is different and more
beautiful because we love and care for our dearest. We hug and kiss our dearest. A man
can do anything if he cares for us. Even the sun smiles to the lovely flying pigeons that are in
love and whispers secret messages to them.
There were many wars because of love for the country and many heroes were killed and many
songs were sung and many poems were written. There were many battles to win the love of the
other person and many lost this battle, many hearts sank.
For love of life, others and self we exist, live and love.