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Once upon a time, in a small beautiful village lived a beautiful girl. She was called Mara. Like other girls, she led cows to pasture. Girls also spun wool. On meadow was a deep pit. One day an old man, who walked around, told them: “If some of you spindles falls in the pit, her mother will become a cow.” Girls smiled and brought closer to the pit. One day Mara’s spindle fell into the pit. When she returned home her mother had become cow. With other cows, Mara led her to pasture.
After a time Mara’s father married. His wife has a daughter. She was ugly, evil and jealous on Mara’s beauty. She and her mother hated Mara. They didn’t permit her to buy new things, to have a shower. After a time ash covered Mara’s clothes and they gave her a nickname Cinderella.